Artist Corner: Kyle Nevius

Senior creates new mural

Ally Estes, Staff writer

“Guy turning into a tree” doesn’t exactly sound like the most artistic idea for a mural, but despite Senior Kyle Nevius’ description, this painting is much more than that.

  His current art project is based off of one of his favorite bands, “We Came as Romans,” and depicts a man shrouded in leaves and vines, as well as all of his limbs connected to the ground and tree roots. Nevius is painting his mural in the left corner of the back wall inside the art building, just below the staircase. Another project he has worked hard on in the past is his ceiling tile, which also features the same band.

  He reveals that even though art is his favorite class, it isn’t always easy.

  “Having to sit on a ladder while painting is hard,” Nevius said. “And painting on such a rough wall really throws you off.”

However, when it comes to picking favorites between mediums, “Graphite and charcoal would have to be my favorite,” Nevius said.

   Despite the struggles that sometimes come with painting murals and ceiling tiles, Nevius has stuck with art for much of his life.

  “I first got interested first or second grade. I was always the kid who doodled stuff.”

  His reason for becoming so fascinated with art has a lot to do with childhood influences.

  “It probably had to do with the fact that quite a few members of my family do art and tattoos, which I’ve always found interesting,” Nevius said.