Music department rocks large ensemble contests

Brooklyn Spencer, staff writer

Both the vocal and instrumental music departments have reason to celebrate after earning top state scores for large ensembles this month.
On April 2, four choirs from Warsaw High School performed at Southwest Baptist University for the choir State Large Ensemble Contest. This included the Chamber Choir, Ladies’ Glee, Men’s Glee, and the Warsaw Wildcat Choir. All of these choirs received I ratings, which means it was a superior performance and outstanding in nearly every way.
Junior Haylee Pals is part of the Madrigal choir this year and sang in three of the choirs performing at state level.
“We were in a new place and the overall competition was a little different, but we got the highest scores possible and it felt good,” said Pals.
Choir director, Charlene Million, was extremely proud of the performance the choirs gave.
“We had about 20 great vocalists graduate last year which, initially, was hard to overcome back in September, but several students especially in Madrigal have really stepped up and become leaders! And as always, Deanna Schockmann is an awesome accompanist as well as as a wonderful musician,” said Million
On April 17, the Warsaw High School band also performed at Southwest Baptist University for their State Large Ensemble Contest. They received I ratings from all of the judges.
Junior Taylor Goetz was proud of how things ended after a rocky start in the morning.
“We finally all came together. It was really hard to get all I ratings and it’s a huge accomplishment for us,” said Goetz.