Track finishes with remarkable season

Dracie Davidson, Staff Writer

Towards the end of the year the track team makes their way to ending the season with one of the best seasons since 2008. This is the best season because it’s a bigger team, they put some of the fastest times across the board, and they were more competitive.

Track has improved on running form and has also become stronger runners as the season has progressed.

“Our biggest improvement this season has been improved running form and we have also become stronger runners as the season has progressed,” coach Cody Morgan said.

“I’ve improved on my hand offs for the 4×1 relay,” said junior Austin Steenburgen.

“I’ve improved on my time for the 100 meter dash,” freshman Drew Dawson said.

Although the team has yet to reach all their goals, most have set and reached their personal goals.

“My personal goal was to get four minutes or less and I got four minutes exactly,” junior Damian Adams said.

Some track members have set new school records throughout the season.

May 16 will be the last track meet for districts in Clinton.

In addition to the successful season coming to an end, senior Jessie Kuykendall qualifies for sectionals.