Celebrate your accomplishments with a graduation party

Maria Miranda, Staff Writer

With graduation coming up, seniors feel the necessity to celebrate the end of their high school career. A graduation party is all about celebrating their accomplishments in high school and there is a lot of planning that comes with it; choosing the theme, a date, a place, a time, determine a guest list, purchase graduation party supplies, choose your menu and decide the party budget.
When asked if their could choose theme for their graduation party what would it be, seniors answered.
“Monogram theme, because it makes things more personal” said Riley Karr.
“Spring, pastel colors, because I love pastel colors and they make me happy,” said Julie Franklin.
“The future, because that’s where I’m going.” said Zach Swigger.
“Floral prints and bright colors, because I love flowers,” said Brooklyn Spencer.
According to www.debililly.com, who is a professional party planner, it’s not necessary to have a big budget, the most important thing is to be creative, use the resources that you have and plan ahead of time, otherwise there is a lot of chances of getting stressed out trying to do everything in the last minute.
A couple seniors were asked about what they would like to receive as a graduation gift and they replied.
“In my opinion the best graduation gift would be money, because I can do whatever I want with it” said Swigger.
“The best gift that someone could give me is their full support on anything or anywhere that I plan to go or do” said Karr.
“I think the best gift would be money, because I know that for the next couple years, I will be a broken college student, so any help is welcome” said Spencer.
“The best gift would be a vacation before college” said Franklin.
The top graduation parties themes are, floral, their future major, high school/college colors, their favorite sport, monograms, their favorite color or pattern and black and white. But according to www.parentingteens.about.com, which is a website to help parents with their teen kids, the most important detail is to choose a theme that best suits the graduate.