Students gain work experience in the summer

In a town such as Warsaw summer time is when most high schoolers are busy with the working season. Most students tend to get jobs in the summer no matter what town they are in simply because they are not busy with school. However, towns that are considered seasonal town blossom in the summer and have many more job opportunities for students looking for jobs.

One of the most popular jobs in Warsaw during the summer is working at a marina. Sophomore Will Bunch currently works as a dock hand at Long Shoal Marina and Restaurant. While Bunch says that he enjoys his job, his ideal summer job would be a fishing guide.

“Having a job affects the sports that I play more than my social life, the only draw back is that I’m always busy, but I’m making money at the same time, so, it’s not all bad,” said Bunch.

Junior Thane Henderson is another student with a seasonal job. Henderson works as a lifeguard at the city pool. Henderson thinks that summer jobs are important because they keep you busy and provide you with money.

“My job does not really conflict with my social life, I think that it adds to working at the pool, it is very sociable and you get to talk to a lot of people and make new friends,” said Henderson.

Henderson works at the pool with various other high school students including Briar Collins, Payton Adair, Kyle Nevius, Ryan Todd, Megan Brown, Raven Caswell, Kaitlyn Laue, Erica Flores  and Tristen Weiser.

“I don’t really have an ideal summer job but I love lifeguarding, it’s the best summer job in Warsaw,” said Henderson.

Senior Julie Franklin is another high school student who works at Long Shoal Marina and Restaurant. Franklin is a cashier at Long Shoal, and enjoys working on the lake.

“I think having a summer job is important because that’s how I earn money to be able to support myself and to have responsibilities, the only downside is that I have less social time” said Franklin.

Another popular job for high school students, and not just seasonal towns, is working in the fast food industry. Many students work at either Sonic or McDonalds during the school year and summer.

Junior John Hargrave spends both his school year and summer working at McDonalds as a crew trainer. Hargrave works during the week and on the weekends during school and in the summer.

“I try to get all of my homework done at school because I typically don’t have time to do any of it during the week,” said Hargrave.

During the Summer Hargrave also works for his dad and his roofing company. Hargrave works two different jobs in the summer to make more money and because it gives his something to do.

“Having a summer job is important because it allows you to make money and save it for the winter when you aren’t working and making as much money,” said Hargrave “I think that kids benefit from having jobs because it makes them more responsible and teaches them how to manage their money and time so they aren’t unprepared when they get out of school and start a career, it also gives them work experience in work skills so that they will be more qualified for a higher paying job some day.”