FBLA students advance to state


Senior Megan Brown, juniors Claudia Schmitz, and Cassie Pittman are the participates that made it to state for FBLA.

A select few members from FBLA will be competing at the state contest April 12 through 14.

The three members who qualified for state were juniors Cassie Pittman in cyber security and Claudia Schmitz in business calculations and business communications, and senior Megan Brown in business calculations.

State will be held in Springfield, where the three members will be taking a previously taken test. Students were required to take this test in order to be able to compete.

According to the participants, the hardest thing about going to state will be testing against the other contestants.

While at state, the participants attend a few workshops and performance events.

  “The participants attend leadership workshops and take part in performance events such as public speaking, entrepreneurship, and marketing,” FBLA sponsor Bethany Siegel said.