Students excel in music contest


Sophomores Seth Eckhoff and Michael Pierce, senior Jordan Jonhson, junior Conner Wood, and sophomore Jonathan Petesch prepare themselves to compete in the District Small Ensemble Contest.

Riley Karr, Staff Writer

Forty-nine vocalists and 14 instrumentalists have qualified to compete in the state music contest after earning top ratings at the district contest on March 3.

At music contest, seven band soloists qualified for state by receiving a one rating, and three small ensembles also received a one to qualify for state. Choir also went to district contest and had 12 students qualify for state with a one rating and five small ensembles.

Junior Austin Reynolds received a one rating for his saxaphone quartet that also included Nate Fauquier, Mackenzie Bauer and Wesley Car.

“We practiced for about four to five months, but I still thought that the one rating was a little generous,” said Reynolds.

Junior Claudia Schmitz qualified for state with both her piano and flute solos. Schmitz has been practicing since the beginning of December for her solos.

“It felt great when I qualified, I think that this is a big accomplishment to qualify for both solos. I am glad that all of the hard work that I put into this paid off,” said Schmitz.

Junior Kylie McRoberts received a one on her solo. McRoberts’ freshman year she received two ratings of a two for her small ensemble groups, and her sophomore year received a one for her solo and two ratings of two on her small ensembles.

“I was very excited when I saw that I got a one, but I was also shocked because while I was singing I was freaking out because my judge was writing the entire time,” said McRoberts.

Junior Maddy McMillin practiced her solo three times a week for a month.

  “I was very excited to get a one rating, I did not think I did that well but I was very happy to see that I got such a good rating,” said McMillian.

The following band students received a “I” rating on instrumental entries at district music festival and will go to state.


Stephanie Fisher, French Horn
Claudia Schmitz, Flute and Piano
Chris Bozarth, Tuba
Noah Long, Clarinet
Zoe Eledge, Clarinet
Nate Townley, Euphonium and Trombone
Erika Huffman, Bass Clarinet

Small Ensembles

Claudia Schmitz, Kylie McRoberts, Amanda Pool – Flute Trio
Nate Fauquier, Mackenzie Bauer, Austin Reynolds, Wesley Car – Saxophone Quartet

The WHS vocalists, under the direction of Charlene Million, competed at distinct contest March 3. Seventeen entries–‘a total of 29 vocalists—received a 1 rating and have now qualified to compete at the Missouri State music contest at MIZZOU on April 30.

The 12 soloists receiving a 1 rating are:

Stephanie Fisher
Lydia Schockmann
Rickie Branson
Maddy McMillin
Kylie McRoberts
Keyona Davis

Blake Brodersen
Haleigh Kennedy

Brenden Dockery
David Derks
Nate Fauquier
Caitlin Easter

The 5 ensembles receiving 1 ratings are
BRANSON SAB (8 members. ..Branson McMillin McRoberts Davis Jennings Derks Dockery Pierce)
LANE SAB (8 members. Lane Yoder Mais Clarke Grobe Caswell Wood Fauquier )
MISSY’S 8 (8 members..Pierce McMillin Yoder Mais Caswell Jennings Estes Grobe)
LADIES 6 (6 members…Lane Branson Schockmann McRoberts Davis Clarke)
PAL’S PALS 7 (7 members…Pals Fisher Weaver Mensior Soles Easter Porter)

Four vocalists receiving a max of 3 ones are Kylie McRoberts, Maddy McMillin and Rickie Branson.