The good breakup, fact or fake?

Kalee Schietzelt , Staff Writer

Can two people in a relationship have a “good breakup” and continue to remain friends after the flame has burned out?
The tears and drama surrounding some teenage break ups may not be the norm. In reality, many students reported that they felt good break ups do exist. Most students say they think a person can still remain friends with his/her ex boyfriend or girlfriend.
A survey taken shows that a lot of students think that a good break up actually does exist. When students were asked if there is such thing as a good break up 65 percent of them said there is, 35 percent said there was no such thing. When asked if they can still be friends after a break up 80 percent of students said a person can still be friends with an ex 20 percent of students said no. As students were asked if somebody can still trust an ex after a breakup 70 percent of students said yes, 30 percent said no.
“A good break up is fact, because if you both agree that is is for the best there is no reason for the break up to be bad. There may be some hurt or sad feelings, but at least you both agree it’s for the best,” freshman Emily Stantorf said.
“A good break up is fact, It takes a lot of work but it can happen with work, effort, and time. It’s like winning the lottery… rare,” science teacher Dustin Daniels said.
“I think a good break up exist because if you guys were dating you were really close before and you can still be close, just in a different way,” sophomore Devin Coke said.
“It’s fact because if you’re in an unhealthy relationship it’s better off for both of you if you break up,” sophomore Anthony Beuke said.
While it may be believed by most students that a person can still be friends with an ex, there are also many students who still strongly believe that they cannot be friends with an ex.
“A good break up is fake because somebody always has a heart that ends up more broken than the other person’s. Hearts don’t break even,” senior Brenden Baldwin said.
“It’s fake because if you truly liked the person you were with, you always will,” freshman Mariah Etheridge said.
“I think that a good break up is fake because once you have become close to them and they hurt you no matter who did the hurting you can’t become close enough to them to be good friends again because they hurt you,” freshman Naomi Myers said.
“Good break ups are fake because all the feelings that were there before will be different and things will be weird,” junior Taylor Goetz said.
“A good break up is fake because there is always going to be that tension between those two people involved in the relationship,” junior Eric Caldwell said.
“Regardless of how you deal with it, the fact remains that relationships should make you a better person, both during and after the fact. You should learn from one another, and in an ideal world, each of you should walk away with the feeling that you benefited from knowing one another,” said Sarah Riley writer of “Good break up’s are possible.”