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Scheduling Woes

High school counselor Tyler Richardson stands triumphant before a field of schedules.

Joshua Simpson and Kathryn Ricke

September 24, 2019

Students navigate the social hierarchy of the cafeteria

Emmaleigh Kowal, Design Editor

September 24, 2019

This is a fictional story told from the perspective of a fictional character in Warsaw High School      Dddddddddriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg    Chairs scraped the tiled floor as each student of William’s government class clambered to...

Guest Opinion: Obsession with social media trending drowns out more important world issues

Darby Mostaffa

September 24, 2019

   There's a new trend among teens and young adults Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook almost every week, and when a new trend arises it's the new biggest thing until the next comes along. A bad trait of the trend following te...

Staff Editorial: Students become overwhelmed with extensive schedules

Rheanna Coke, Editor-in-Chief

September 24, 2019

    Adults may be underestimating a large percentage of high school students who are trudging through hall after hall with the unforgiving weight of books and papers taking their toll, filling students backs and shoulders wi...

Fighting A Pacifist’s Battle

Fighting A Pacifist’s Battle

Ally Estes, Editor-In-Chief

May 14, 2019

Classroom snacks cause distraction, promote unhealthy habits

PetralieJo Wurtz, Writer

April 24, 2019

Snacks can be used as an motivation for students, they can also cause an distraction, a messy environment, and can be unhealthy. Some students constantly have food stashed in backpacks to pull out at any time for those snacking...

Prom theme isn’t racist, you’re just sensitive

Wildcat Staff

April 15, 2019

Prom is the night that nearly every eligible student anticipates throughout the school year. One night to dress up, dine, and dance with your best friends and classmates is surely one to be memorable. This year’s theme was bohemian,...

Home-schooling provides advantage, flexibility for families.

PetralieJo Wurtz, Writer

April 6, 2019

As I previously experienced home-schooling within my first five years of education, I have come to realize that educating children in their elementary years at home, instead of in a public school, is more of a advantage to the...

Traditional school provides benefits beyond what a child can get at home

Emmaleigh Kowal, Staff writer

March 28, 2019

Being home-schooled for nine years was never not an option. Living overseas, where I wasn’t an expert with the language, didn’t really provide for a great education from a public school. I know that there are definite benefits...

Off-campus lunch option would promote positive student experience

Rheanna Coke, Web Editor/Staff Writer

March 26, 2019

Lunch time chaos is something that students are all too familiar with. Entering the lunch room to a mile-long line is anything but inviting, and the thought of waiting to receive a preselected lunch of someone else’s choos...

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