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Freshman Sara Miller earns recognition for artwork

Derek Norton
Sara Millers October photos, including the graphite dog, color blocks, and two way hall

   Freshman Sara Miller has been drawing all her life, a talent that came naturally, and, after the first quarter of high school, she has exceeded many expectations.

    Like many other students, she wants to pursue art, although her skills and creativity transcend the regular skill level for a freshman.

    As a student who is involved in extracurricular activities, she does not have much time to work on this skill, however in her spare time, Miller is improving her artistic abilities.

    As a freshman,Miller takes art with teacher Derek Norton. He described her as being impressive in her skills and mostly using them to create graphite pieces.

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    “She does exceptional work in my class. I believe she will be a great artist one day if she decides to follow this career,”  Norton said.

   Her most recent projects include a realistic graphite dog, gradient color blocks, and a two way reversible hallway all done in August through September.

    “His class is really fun, I enjoy it. Even when you don’t think something came out right, Mr. Norton is really encouraging and will tell you why it’s good,” she said.

   Miller also described herself as feeling especially creative and gifted when she gets the chance to express herself through her artwork. 

   She had a few opinions on art classes, and as a student, she believes that there should be more options available to encourage young artists.

    “People that go beyond should have the option to do what they want, ” said Miller.

   Miller has not only excelled in High School art, but she has also been a winning artist throughout her life. At the Henry County Fair, on July 11, 2023, Miller received first place for “Hey Hey” and also got first place Best of Show for her turtle photo.

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