Student endure early snow days


The snowy season is quickly approaching and students are finding ways to keep themselves entertained on their days off.

The Warsaw school district had their first snow day on Nov. 17 due to receiving about four to five inches of snow in some areas. The second snow day took place on Dec. 1 due to icy roads.

Senior Marshall Wilson went sledding on his snow day, Nov. 17.

“The best part was watching Tristen bust her butt and roll down the hill and then just laying in the snow for a couple of minutes,” says Wilson.

Many students tended to sleep on their days off to get another day of rest in before they have to start another week at school. The Nov. 17 snow day extended Thanksgiving break by a day.

“I slept literally all day,” says sophomore Haleigh Kennedy

The winter this season is supposed to be a cold and brutal one.

“The winter of 2014–15 will see below-normal temperatures for about three-quarters of the nation,” says Caleb Weatherbee, writer of “More Shivery and Shoverly” on

Missouri going to have a cold, bitter, and snowy winter. The coldest part of the winter is supposed to take place during the end of January and beginning of February, according to the Farmer’s Almanac.

Snow make-up days for Nov. 17 and Dec. 1 were originally scheduled for Dec. 22 and 23, but administrators are awaiting board approval to make up the days after break, on Jan. 19 and 30.

Future make-up days are Feb. 16, March 13, March 27, April 3, April 6, April 24, May 8 and May 21.