Students stay healthy during cold & flu season

Makayla Mais, Staff Writer

Cold and flu season is here, and the faculty, staff, and students are getting prepared to stay healthy. School nurse, Cathy Chance, describes how to stay healthy during cold and flu season.

“Students can stay healthy by covering their coughs with their elbows, getting plenty of rest, having a healthy diet, and washing their hands,” Chance said. “That’s the number one thing.”

High school custodian, Tanya Andrews, describes the steps she takes to keep kids healthy.

“I disinfect everything all the time. I use lots of lysol and disinfectant on door handles, lockers, and hallways.”

Many students received their flu shot at school. However, there are many myths about the flu shot.

“The vaccine does not give you the flu,” Chance said. “Even if you say you’re healthy, you should get the vaccine, and pregnant women should get it because they are at higher risk.”

With getting sick comes getting behind on school work, and the responsibility to catch up.

“By missing school, it’s harder to keep up, and it’s harder to understand the material,” Chance said.

Sophomore Nate Townley, and juniors Taylor Goetz and Lydia Schockmann described what they do when they’re sick, and how to prevent getting sick.

“I have a friend email me schoolwork,” Townley said. “Avoid contact with infected individuals, and wash your hands.”

“I would get my work from my teacher,” Schockmann said. “Eat healthy, don’t be lazy, and get exercise.”

  “I sleep,” Goetz said. “Don’t come to school sick because then you get others sick.”