Although chapters in life may end, new ones begin

Saying goodbye is a part of life. Almost everyone does it on a daily basis. Every time there’s a goodbye, there is also a hello. Well, in our last moments in high school, these goodbyes are getting a little harder and the hellos are being more cherished.
Many in the senior class have been going to school with each other since they were in preschool. As for me, I moved in a little later. Since I’ve been here, I have made many friends and have even lost some along the way. Throughout high school, we learned who we want to associate ourselves around and have developed an idea about what type of person we want to become. We all have spent most of our lives here at school and now it’s almost over. We’ll go our separate ways and start a new journey very soon all on our own. The faces we have seen for 12 years now will turn into new faces we see.
High school is said to be the best time of your life, but for some it wasn’t so good. You go through so much in high school that can teach you lessons. Most students have found comfort in a teacher and, no matter what, they know that teacher will be there for them and be their friend. It’s going to be hard leaving the people you have created such a strong bond with. The sad thing is that we won’t ever see them on a daily basis as we had. We won’t see our friends that helped shape who we are today.
There is a big chance that some of us will never see each other ever again because of where our path will take us. Some will go into the workforce, join the military, or even go to college. All of us will be changing the world in whatever we will decide. So as we end our journey here at Warsaw High School we will start our journey in the real world and set our path for the rest of our lives. Congratulations to us seniors, we finally finished this chapter of our lives. It may not have been easy and we may have cried through every final or minor inconvenience that came to school, but we made it and we’re finally done.
While we are saying goodbye to teachers and friends who were there for us through these years of growth and change, we are also saying goodbye to our younger selves, and, in a way, to our childhood. We are no longer those goofy freshmen from four years ago. While I hope I will look back at that girl with a smile, I am excited about the woman that this group of people and my family has helped me to become.