Softball seniors make positive contributions to the team


Shayla Kindle

Senior players and parents are honored on senior night. Seniors include manager Izzy Edge, Janie Kilgore, Summer McCannon and Faith Tharaldson.

  The WHS softball seniors’ final season is coming to an end. There are three seniors, one returning starter, one who moved from another school, and one who decided to try something new her senior year. 

   Faith Tharaldson plays left field and has been playing softball since fourth grade. 

   “A lot of people consider me the leader because I’m a senior and have played all four years for the Wildcats,” Tharaldson said.

   Janie Kilgore plays third base and has been playing softball since she was four years old, she moved to Warsaw the summer before her senior year.

   “I think I have benefited the team by stepping up and being a leader and doing the best I can for the team,” Kilgore said.

   Summer McCannon decided to try something new her senior year and join the softball team to play right field.

   “I always try to be a team player for everyone,” McCannon said. 

   The softball team manager is Izzy Edge. She played previous years but decided to be team manager this year.

   The underclassmen feel that the seniors have had a big impact on the team this season.

   “The seniors have had a positive impact on the team this year. They keep the team motivated every practice to get better,” sophomore pitcher Brylee Brewster said.

   Many of the underclassmen feel that the seniors have inspired them to be better people.

   “Janie inspires me to be the most kind-hearted person and to always know that someone else is going through something. She’s always the first to ask if anyone is okay,” freshman Tanna Howe said.

   The girls ended the season 18-6. They started districts Monday, May 8.

   “So far, the season has been going really well, we are working well as a team and hoping to be successful in the postseason,” Kilgore said.

   The WHS softball team feels that they will be successful at districts.

   “I think we will do pretty well at districts. As long as we play for each other and not be selfish, we can be super successful. We have a lot of grit on this team and are really pushing for that district title,” Howe said.

   The seniors always try to help the underclassmen and give them good advice.

   “Some advice I would give to underclassmen would be to push yourself and to enjoy every moment because it goes by faster than you think,” Kilgore said.

   “Try your hardest no matter what challenges you come across,” Tharaldson said.

   “Always try something new and always have your head up no matter the situation,¨ McCannon.