Students test volleyball skills in Volleyflip tournament

Seniors take the win


Senior Randall Sherman sets the ball to senior Jeremy Eierman. The senior won the Volleyflip tournament.

Maria Miranda , Staff Writer

During the Volleyflip tournament, the crowd watched the senior team dominate the court.
“I wanted to play on Volleyflip because I thought it was going to be a good time, and I knew we would win,” said senior Lane England.
Senior players gained volleyball experience through PE classes and had the chance to show off their skills during the Volleyflip tournament.
“I wanted to play on volley flip because I’ve been preparing myself my whole life for it. I was born to play ball,” senior Kyle Goodsell said.
Seniors defeated the freshmen and juniors defeated the sophomores in the first round of the tournament. Seniors beat juniors in the second round to play the varsity girls team. After a tough game, the seniors came out as victors to play the faculty team. Seniors also defeated the faculty to come away as Volleyflip champions for 2014!
“My favorite team to play against was the sophomores because they were talking trash on us,” said junior Craig Dewitt.
The Varsity girls were coaching their grades on this tournament.
“ It was difficult to be a coach because if someone didn’t got to play the whole time they got mad with me and it was not my fault. I couldn’t put everybody on the court on the same time, “ said freshman Brooke Jelinek.
“ It was very stressful to be a coach because the boys didn’t listen to me,“ said sophomore Melissa Brown.