Math club starts with first place in two divisions

Riley Karr, Staff Writer

Math Club is off to a winning start this year. Advisor Amy Spanaugle said that the team competed against much larger schools and that they were the smallest school in attendance at the November 8th California contest. This was the first contest that the team has attended this year. Spanaugle thinks that the only thing that could help the team is if more people join and go to the meets.

“I’m so proud of these kids.  They did great, and we were the smallest school in our division.” Spanaugle said.

Junior Rickie Branson joined the math team because she felt that she had a lot to contribute to the team and she enjoys having something to do on Saturdays.

“Before I start I go through my old notes, quizzes and tests from all my old math classes, I also drink some caffeine and make sure I have gum,” said Branson.


November 8, 2014

Algebra 11…Rickie Branson 5th

PreCalculus…Austin Dillon 3rd & Josh Pacheco 5th

Geometry 9…Cody Wilson 5th

Graphing…Rickie Branson 1st

Word Problems 12…Josh Pacheco 5th

Manual Computations 9…Brennon Chambers 2nd & Cody Wilson 3rd

Manual Computation 10…Bailey Sharp 5th

Manual Computation 11…Rickie Branson 1st

Mixed Team 2nd Place, Brennon Chambers, Jonathan Petesch, Rickie Branson, Megan Brown

Top Juniors…3rd Place Rickie Branson

Today’s Mathletes:  Freshmen…Brennon Chambers & Cody Wilson Sophomores…Brennan Bell, Jonathan Petesch, & Bailey Sharp

Juniors…Rickie Branson & Jazmine

Seniors…Megan Brown, Austin Dillon & Joshua Pacheco