On-campus therapist available to help with mental health issues


  Katy Trail has started providing counseling services at Warsaw High School to help students with the strategies to help them deal with mental health problems they might encounter. 

   Counselor Bruce Miller visits with students on campus every Wednesday and Thursday.

   “The general idea of supply therapy in the schools is to provide services that somebody wouldn’t get outside of school for any various reasons, like the family can’t afford it or the parents don’t have time to take their child to a clinic in order to receive counseling services; it also helps so the student doesn’t miss half a day of school in order to receive counseling services during school time,” social worker Bruce Miller said.

  Faculty and administration are glad to have this resource available for students who may need help finding coping strategies and skills they need to stay mentally healthy.

  “Giving students the tools to identify and work to overcome their own triggers can help both teachers and students utilize their class time for learning. I believe this is a great program, and I hope that everyone utilizes it if they can. It takes a lot of bravery to talk to someone,” English teacher Jessica Lucchesi said. 

  It’s important for students to have a trusted counselor who will keep the students’ information confidential, unless they’re worried that a student will do something to harm themselves. 

   “It provides resources to students that may not be able to have transportation to outside counseling, or the convenience of not missing school,” high school counselor Tyler Richardson said.

    Miller said that not every student is in need of therapy, but quite a few might need help from time to time. 

    “There are some people who have already built in healthy coping skills and have a good support network that would not be in need of therapy services, but that is rarely the case,” Miller said.

    Sometimes school, sports, family issues, or even just life in general, creates anxiety or stress and it will make students feel alone. It makes them mentally unstable and stressed and that is extremely unhealthy to go through alone. There is a variety of counseling for people. The most common one Miller uses is talk therapy. 

   “The most common one I do in Warsaw school is psychotherapy which, in a sense, is talk therapy. This seems the most beneficial and there are several interventions and exercises that seem to be helpful to the students that come in for services,” Miller said.

    Overall, teachers and administrators are excited to provide this service.

     ‘’I think it is very important and impactful for our entire district that Katy Trail has come to our school to help with counseling services. Many of our students, no matter their background, struggle with mental and emotional health,” Lucchesi said.