Speech team competes in first speech contest

Kalee Schietzelt , Staff Writer

The speech team had their first contest at Knob Noster on Nov. 1.

This year, speech team has many new members, therefore, it was the first contest for a lot of people who went and competed.

“For the first contest the people we brought did very well for first timers,” coach Nate Hopkins said.

Even though there were no official placings from the first contest, speech team members seemed  happy with how it went and now know what things need to be improved before the next one.

“The first contest went good, we were well prepared and ready for it,” freshman Kylie Myers said.

Now that the first contest has passed members have discovered some things they want to work on before the next contest to receive higher scores.

“I want to improve my introduction before my performances,” junior Stephanie Fisher said.

As the year progresses and more contest come for the speech team they will get stronger as a team and become stronger speakers.

“Our goal is to get a solid foundation for the next few years,” Hopkins said.