Many young Americans did not return to church life after pandemic, but need for God remains

   Ever since COVID, when lock down began, many people stopped going to church. Most began to stop because of their church shutting down so they weren’t involved in the spread. After lock down, the amount varies on how many people actually went back to church and started back up on their old lives religiously. Even with it being years later, there are still people out there that have not gone back. Who knows if it’s still from the cause of COVID, or if it could be from a cause of something else?

    According to the Jan. 9, 2023 article “Church Attendance Dropped Among Young People, Singles, Liberals” on Christianity Today’s website,  “Before the pandemic, 75 percent of Americans reported attending religious services at least monthly. By spring 2022, that figure dropped to 68 percent attending at least monthly.” That is a seven percent decrease in the number of people attending church before and after the pandemic, world wide. That may not seem like a lot, but it really is. That article’s writer, David Roach, also reported that COVID was not the only factor in a reduction in church attendance. Numbers were “trending in that direction” before the pandemic. He also reported “young adults (ages 18–29) reported the greatest change in religious attendance following the pandemic.”

   What does this mean for young Americans?

  There are many people who are religiously active by attending a local church, but there are multiple other ways to worship and spread the word. A popular Christian social media catch-phrase is, “You don’t go to church, you are the church.” While that seems a bit out of pocket to compare going to church, and being the church, there has to be a way to spread the word no matter what. If you are a believer, it shouldn’t be that hard to go out and get with people that are believers too. 

   It’s the right thing to do, send out messages, get more people involved in being a part of these kinds of things. The church is important to God, and so it should be extremely important to us. “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them.” Matthew 18:20. A large number of people don’t have to be present to worship His name, but the few that do have him.

   There are nonbelievers out there, people that have their own opinion and perspective on Jesus. Do not interact, or better yet, even fight with them over the word. “Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.” 1 Corinthians 15:33. Do not let the negative energy ruin spreading the word, spreading of his name.