Years of dedication and practice pay off for archers.


Ellie Murrell and Anna Siegal are aiming towards at the target in a archery shootout

   Dedication to their sport throughout the years has resulted in improvement and success for Warsaw archers. Another archery season has started.    

  Coach Jackie Downing said her top high school shooters this year so far are Drake Murrell, Ellie Murrell, Hudson Karr, Anna Siegel, Logan Schockmann, and Elliot Kowal.

   Senior Ellie Murrell has been doing archery since her seventh grade year. Murrell has had to overcome a lot of obstacles over the years. Murrell has enjoyed archery over the years.

   ”It’s fun and relaxing,” MurrYears of dedication and practice pay off for archers.ell said.

 This season, there have been many more shooters joining archery for both middle school and high school. 

   ”There have been more kids than last year, we went from 35 kids to 71 this year,” Downing said.

   Due to the many kids joining, there is a higher chance of going to state this year as a team. Last year, Ellie Murrell, Logan Schockmann, Hudson Karr, and Anna Siegel qualified for state.

   Senior Anna Siegel has been doing archery since freshman year.

    “I enjoy how repetitive it is and the time I get to spend with my friends,” Siegal said. 

   Her favorite memory is going to state last year. During the trip, she was able to experience a tall zip line over the Branson Landing. 

   “I think if we practice some more and get everyone to shoot at the same time, the high school team has a good chance of making it to state,” she said.

 Senior Hudson Karr has been doing archery since seventh grade. 

   “It’s always fun to just go and shoot with your friends, and see how good you actually are, and it’s a very competitive and skill-based sport,” Karr said. He believes he will make it to state this year.