Body art remains popular, but teens must be cautious, consider future

   Freshman Lexie Degroot is not afraid of getting tattoos herself. Degroot has 10 tattoos all together. She said, while she likes tattoos and piercings, she advises not getting many of them on the face and neck. Self expression through body art is not going out of style and some students at WHS have chosen tattoos, piercings and unique hair colors to stand out. High school counselor Tyler Richardson warns teens must think carefully before making the decision to permanently modify their bodies.

   “On the tattoos I don’t think there is a certain number just don’t get as much on your face and neck,” said Degroot.

  Not everyone agrees that tattoos or extreme piercing are a good idea for teens. Tattoos are very popular in high school, but some find tattoos dangerous.

   “Tattoos could be safe for teens if done at a reputable place. I think they are pretty safe, but of course you hear of bad situations.  Bad things can happen anywhere any time.  Teens have their whole lives ahead of them to make these decisions, what is the harm in waiting a few years?” counselor Tyler Richardson said.

   Some teenagers are concerned about making such a permanent change to their bodies.

   “I don’t think tattoos are safe for teens because they could regret the tattoo in the future, and I’m sure tattoos have stuff that can harm a younger person’s body,” freshman Serenity Miller said. 

   Some students choose a less permanent method of self expression through unique hair color. 

    Hair dye is not as popular as it used to be, but kids still do it every once in a while like freshman Serenity Miller.

    “The first time I dyed my hair was in sixth grade when COVID happened and we weren’t in school,” Miller said. 

   “I think maybe twelve is a good age to get your hair dyed. If you’re bleaching your hair then probably older because it’s a pretty harsh chemical,” Miller said.

   Piercings can be painful, but many don’t have to be permanent. 

   “Moderation is fine, but if there are gauges (also causes employment issues) these can be distracting. Think about why an employer would not hire someone with excessive tattoos, and gauges. Why? Because it is a distraction to their customers and patrons. Piercings have less permanency as they will close up,” Richardson said.

   Freshman Vincenza Parsi got her first face piercing not that long ago. 

  Piercings are becoming very popular. Some people find piercings distracting either to them or to their peers but Parsi thinks otherwise.

   “I don’t think face piercings are distracting to others,” Parsi said.

   Richardson warns that tattoos and piercings can affect teens’ futures and it is something that they must consider when making that decision.

  “I have an opinion, it may not be popular.  I think it unwise to get tattoos in high school because I have had too many students come and complain that they could not get jobs or careers because they have tattoos that do not meet requirements of the employer. Teen brains are still developing, and most people’s brains do not solidify until their mid 20’s.  So emotions and lack of judgment can be an issue.  Another consideration, a tattoo is permanent, and, yes, it can be removed, but not easily and the pain from that process is said to be excruciating,” Richardson said.