Student explore other career’s that don’t need college


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Senior Oliva Langton braids junior Allison Alcantara. “Any time i can get to do something with hair or makeup I try doing,” Langton said.

Students explore choices that don’t require college


   Making a decision after high school can be hard. Many have chosen their career paths since they were little, while others are just making the decision now. Some of those paths involve college, but others do not.   

   Senior Kage Stevenson doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life yet. He either wants to be in the military or to make things at the hospital. 

   “Hospitals need things everyday and my uncle Kevin does it and I think I could be really cool,” Stevenson said. 

   College is not for everyone and there are many other opportunities for students. High school counselor Tyler Richardson helps students in figuring out if college is right for them.

   ”College can be a wise choice, but it also depends on the student; college can benefit you and other times it can hurt you,” Richardson said. 

  Many careers do not require a college degree, such as the military, trade school, firefighter, electrician, etc.

   Senior Olivia Langton doesn’t want to go to college so she decided to go apply to a trade school for cosmetology. 

   Trade schools for careers like welding and mechanics have a high placement rate, meaning that a student has about 93% chance of getting and getting a job right after finishing the training. Students must consider trade schools with the highest placement rate when looking for schools. 

   “When looking at trade schools or jobs here’s some things you need to know before you apply: You need to have soft skills and know how to dress appropriately, also make sure that you are sober when you are going to work and any schools.” counselor Tyler Richardson said.