RootEd advisor helps seniors find college path


Bobbi Swisher

 Swisher has been teaching for the past 10 years. She taught Special education and absolutely loved her job. She loves all aspects of her job, but her favorite part is her being able to work with students one on one. As a career academic advisor Swisher helps students on how to get prepared for college. Swisher gives all the best advice she can provide for the students. 

   Swisher said her best advice is for students to stay on top of things on day one of their high school career.

   “Take everything seriously and keep good grades throughout high school,” Swisher said. 

    Some of the easiest ways to be prepared for college is to maintain good grades to keep a high GPA, while also keeping a positive attitude. When students are seniors it is recommended for them to take their SAT or ACT test, to then apply for college. 

   According to, “a career academic advisor helps students develop skills, explore the occupation, or choose an educational program that will lead to a dream career.” She also helps them through all they need to get through to be prepared for college. 

   This year, the school district built a partnership with the RootEd program, which is how Swisher got stepped into this new position. The job of the RootEd advisor is to, “Transform postsecondary and career outcomes for rural students through advice, exposure and access for financial resources,” according to

  Swisher works with many seniors in what is their most stressful and confusing time, college planning.

   Counselor Tyler Richardson has noticed that Swisher has met with 100% of the seniors one on one. By college planning, Swisher helps with multiple different things for seniors to be fully prepared for college. Some things that she helps with is the FAFSA (financial aid for college students), college applications and appointments with advisors. She also offers career fairs.

   “When applying for college, online would be the best way,” said Swisher.