Society needs to be understanding about Christmas stress


The month of December is officially Christmas time. The lights are hung and the Christmas tree goes up. Christmas lists are written and music plays everywhere. Christmas is a joyful time for most families, but for others it is just the opposite.
According to, there are many issues that people struggle with around the holidays which makes it challenging for them. For example, many families struggle financially. Some families already barely make enough money to be able to pay their bills. Many parents want to be able to provide a good Christmas for their children and shower them with gifts, but in some cases that is not possible.
Around the holidays, many people who have experienced some sort of loss of a loved one seem to have more difficulty around this time of year when it comes to grieving, whether it is caused by death, divorce or breakup, or even someone who has struggled with health issues. This can lead to feeling lonely and feeling like there is no one around to celebrate with or to make memories that will always be remembered.
Some families have relatives or friends that are in the military and are unable to come home, or even individuals who work in a hospital. They have to miss out on the holidays with their kids and family, which affects both perspectives in the situation.
There are many different situations that can arise during the holiday season, not only causing stress, but putting a toll on someone’s mental health. According to, patterns of increased rates of depression during the holidays have been documented by doctors that 64% of people living with a mental illness reported that their conditions worsened around the holidays.
Remember, around this time of year it is a different experience for everyone. Be kind to one another because you never know what they are struggling within. Be open to listen and make time for others. Cherish what you are given and what you have, because some may not have much. If you don’t struggle financially, be kind and help out a family who struggles and pray for them. Try to turn Christmas into a positive time of year for everyone.