Building entrances to become more secure

Riley Karr, Staff writer



These are being done to protect our kids and staff and hopefully will be completed during the christmas vacation”

— superintendent Scott Downing

After Christmas break, students should return to school and be greeted by a second set of doors intended to provide a more secure school building. Security entrances will be installed at all district buildings.

Superintendent Scott Downing thinks that these are going to be very good because they add an extra line of defense.

“These are being done to protect our kids and staff and hopefully will be completed during the christmas vacation,” Downing said.

This project is going to cost around $100,000 to install the extra sets of doors and to make the offices run smoother with this new system.The money to fund this project is coming from the capital projects money that is set aside for improvements such as this. The school board took a vote and approved for the spending on this project.

These new security entrances are going to be put into place at all the facilities in the district. They are being put up as an extra line of defense.

The way that these new entrances are going to work is that there is going to be an extra set of doors after the outside doors. Once someone uses the buzzer to get into the first door, there is going to be a small window where they will be able to talk to the office staff and let them know who they are and why they are there. After the office staff has gotten this information, they will clear that person to enter the second set of doors.

In addition to the new security entrances that are going to be put into place, teachers are being trained to better keep their classes safe from any intruders or threats.

The teachers that have gone through training were also learning about the new ways the protect a classroom as well as the new teachers who have not had any training. The new way to avoid an intruder is much more proactive than shutting off the lights and hiding in a classroom.

Teacher Brian Hrabe has gone through security training before, but said that it has never been like this before.

“The training was interesting, it changed the way you thought of having an intruder in the school, it’s a lot more proactive,” Hrabe said.

The way that a teacher deals with an intruder is that they try to get their class out of the building as soon as they hear that there is an intruder and they know where they are. This is because people no longer see sitting in a classroom and turning the lights off as being safe.

“I think that doing this training was smart, it will take time for anyone to respond to an intruder call at the school so it’s nice to have people that are already here ready to do something,” Hrabe said