New athletic building open for use after years of planning, construction


The athletic building has been an idea for five to six years, and now it is finally open for use. The school district and athletic booster club have made the idea a reality.
“The new indoor athletic facility is an excellent addition to our school,” Athletic Director Ryan Boyer said.
This is a project that the Booster Club and school district have worked very hard to help make possible. The booster club played a big part in the athletic building and raised around $160,000 for the new building.
“Warsaw High School, its programs and its athletes, work hard; it was time for us to go to work for them. The new multi-purpose building is just another addition to other fantastic improvements on the campus that will benefit many teams for years to come,” former booster club president Adam Howe said.
Although the building’s purpose is for baseball, softball, wrestling, and archery, it benefits all programs because it helps to free up gym space during those seasons.
“There are very few schools our size that have a facility like this one. Without our excellent community, a project like this would have never been able to happen,” wrestling coach Justin Wisdom said.
Many wrestlers have used the building for pre-season training.
“As for what the facility looks like this winter, it will probably look different next winter. After having a full season there it will allow for us to figure out what we need to improve the space,” Wisdom said.
Booster Club president Michelle Larson believes that the new building is going to open up space for all athletes throughout the campus.
“It was a lot of money, but we have a great community to help raise the money,” Larson said.
The new building has already opened up many opportunities for sports. According to Booster Club vice president Shiree Sherrill, the building will help athletes have more indoor space to train in speed and agility.
“This ensures that practices aren’t canceled due to no gym availability,” Sherrill said.
Booster club secretary Andrea Ferguson, was impressed with how much the community supported the organization for projects such as this.