Artist pushes herself by critiquing her work


Junior Whitney Brown works in sketchbook during free time in Derek Norton’s Art II class. “Free days are the best because we can do whatever we want”

   People use different ways to help themselves do better and encourage themselves everyday to work harder and to get more positive results. Junior Whiney Brown uses art and pushes herself to her ideal version of perfection everyday.

   “I definitely encourage myself because I see what I have done and I want it to be different,” Whitney Brown said.

   Brown dabbles in different types of art, but mostly likes sketching.

   “Whitney definitely underestimates herself. She’s too hard on herself. If it’s not how she sees it in her head she’s gonna have to fix it,” senior Marcus Kreisler said.

   People often critique themselves to fit their personal version of idealism more than anyone else would, but that can push a person to be more dedicated and inspired to work even more efficiently. 

   “Yes, she is dedicated because she freaks out whenever she has a great project, she will have a project better than everyone else’s and still think it’s horrible,” senior Illusion Haidusek said.

   “She is very dedicated, she likes to be thorough and do stuff her way,” Kreisler said. 

   Inspiration is one of the most important factors in getting better at something, people often pick something to inspire them and use that to boost their confidence. 

   “Getting an A in class is definitely a big inspiration for her. (She wants) to be better than everybody else because she is competitive in art. She definitely competes with herself,” Haidusek said. 

   Kreisler said that Brown is inspired by the work of other artists that she admires and tries to do the same. 

   “Art that she’s into inspires her, so if they can do it then she can do it,” Kreisler said. 

   Brown also uses art as a de-stressing mechanism and to help her relieve tension and pressure from other classes. 

   “If I could use one word to describe how I feel it would be de-stressing because art is simple and you can do whatever you want with it,” Brown said. 

   Her advice to other artists is to just be who they are.

   “Don’t compare your artwork to other people because art is just kinda what you make it, even though I do that same thing,” she said.