Junior exchange student gets into American high school experience


Junior Emily Goertsches from Niedersachen, Germany didn’t really know what to expect when she arrived in Warsaw and joined the students at WHS as a foreign exchange student on Jan. 1, but she has found a warm welcome.
Goertsches had explained what she expected when she came to America and compared it to what it is really like for her personally.
“I really had no idea what to expect, but one thing that I was surprised to experience is that the COVID restrictions are not as serious as they are in Germany,” Goertsches said.
She enjoys many things about the school.
“I love how easy it is to get to places and get the things you need. I also love how the school offers free breakfast in the mornings,” she said.
Goertsches loves the Warsaw community.
“I really love how the school is one big community and everyone is friendly to each other and supports each other. In most movies about American high schools there are always groups of people that kind of hate each other. I love the fact that we can listen to music during our classes, and I love how we support each other with state walks,” Goertsches said.
Goertsches has many things that she enjoys, but also has experienced challenges and dislikes.
“I do not really enjoy all the unhealthy foods and I wish that we had longer breaks between our classes. The difference between school in Germany and here is that the classes are longer as well as the breaks in between are longer. When first arriving in America I struggled with the language and adjusting to how everyone travels with cars rather than a bike like Germany does. I love Warsaw but I would love it more in the city,” Goertsches said.
Emily has become involved in Warsaw school and has made friends along the way. She also joined not only the golf team but the softball team as well.
“I met Emily in my English class and I think that she is doing amazing and such a great friend. Not only are we both in golf together but we both have hung out outside together such as, going to the movies. Emily’s personality contributes to the school: she’s very outgoing and always happy. I know she’ll always be one of my good friends and she’s one of the most trustworthy people I know,” junior Ashlyn Laue said.
“Her personality really adds to the school,” junior Anna Seigel said.
Before Goertsches returns to Germany: she has a few things she would love to show Warsaw high and one piece of advice to share,
“I would love to be able to show everyone my German culture,” Goertsches said.