Girls get competitive in powder puff

Juniors/freshman team win by Maria Miranda

Maria Miranda , Staff Writer

Girls who played powder puff football on Oct. 22 had some difficulty playing a game that they didn’t know much about, but they had fun doing it.

“It was fun playing a male dominated sport but was difficult because I don’t know that much about football,” said senior Julie Franklin.

“It was fun getting a chance to play in a sport that girls don’t generally play,” junior Taylor Goetz said.

Old traditions were broken when the senior boys didn’t dress up as cheerleaders. Seniors Bailey Jelinek and Kyle Goodsell coached the senior and sophomore team while juniors Austin Steenburgen and Craig Dewitt coached the junior and freshman team.

“I think the boys didn’t dress up because it was cold,” said Goodsell.

Even without the comedic relief from the cheerleaders, the game was very intense. Contrary to rumor, the junior/freshman team won. The game was tied 6 – 6 and went into overtime. In the last three minutes, the junior team scored making the final score of the game 12 – 6.

“I felt that powder puff was more competitive this year as compared to other years,” said junior Keyona Davis.

Davis said she enjoyed the competitive spirit of the game.

“The junior/freshman team had one job, to beat the seniors. We were proof of the saying ‘go hard or go home,’” Davis said.