Students explore options for after high school

Seniors Zach Swiger and Jacob Pacheco talk to the Missouri State representative.

Riley Karr, Staff Writer

The college fair allowed students to explore colleges and potential career paths they had not even considered.

Many students such as senior Kyle Goodsell, Senior Marshall Wilson, and junior Marissa Brown found colleges that they had not even known about.

Senior Kyle Goodsell’s view of college changed because he was not yet aware of all the opportunities that were out there for him. Goodsell enjoyed having the opportunity to explore other options because he likes to keep an open mind.

Goodsell finds the college fair helpful because it gives students a chance to visit with colleges and see all of the requirements. Goodsell took full advantage of looking at the colleges with his desired major.

This year, there were 36 colleges in attendance at the college fair, Oct. 22. Among these were many four year public colleges, two year public colleges, and even technical schools and military options.

Every year the school sends out invites to many different colleges through the Missouri Admissions Counselors Association. The school tries to get a very diverse variety of colleges to attend so that students are able to explore all of their options.

“I really enjoy putting it on for students because it is a good way to make them aware of colleges outside of this region,” Counselor Laura Cooke said.

Students from Lincoln and Cole Camp attended the Warsaw fair for the first time this year.

Junior Marissa Brown enjoyed the college fair because she was able to get new ideas of colleges that had her desired major.

“I think the college fair is helpful because I was able to explore new places,” Brown said.

Junior Keyona Davis’s view of college changed because she enjoyed getting to look at and talk to a representative about Missouri Valley’s nursing program. Davis also thought it was nice to see what different colleges had to offer.

Senior Marshall Wilson thinks that the college fair is a good chance for undecided kids to find somewhere to go.

“I went around and saw all the colleges that had wrestling and got information from them,” Wilson said.