Talented, dedicated musician achieves highest vocal honor


Nickolas Bagley

Junior Logan Schockmann plays the piano at Showstoppers on Oct 28. Schockmann is known for his musical talent.

Music is more than just a high school activity for junior Logan Schockmann, it is a big part of his everyday lifestyle.
“Music has always just been a part of my life, and so it has always been important to me,” Schockmann said.
He has been involved in music for as long as he can remember. Music has always been something Schockmann did because his family was very involved in music. Schockmann is the son of vocal music director Deanna Schockmann and has two sisters who were involved in vocal music at WHS.
As of right now, Schockmann’s biggest accomplishments would be making All-State Choir and getting gold last year at a contest.
“Getting All-State Choir is important because it is the highest honor a high school choir member can be awarded. It is very important to me because it took a lot of work to get there and I’m very glad it paid off,” he said.
Logan is in vocal music groups at school and sings with the praise band at the United Methodist Church on Sundays. He is also the drum major for the marching band and plays the clarinet and piano.

He has inspired me to go above and beyond and step out of my comfort zone.

— junior Julie Huckaby

“Logan has a strong grasp of music and how it works. That depth of understanding makes him an outstanding musician,” vocal music director Deanna Schockmann said.

Logan also has the work ethic that it takes to perform at the highest level.
“Logan doesn’t complain about hard work. He just does what needs doing in order to accomplish his goals and understands that perfect practice makes perfect,” Deanna Schockmann said.
Logan has shown good qualities as a vocalist and continues to improve.
“As a vocalist, Logan has an excellent tonal center. He has begun to develop vibrato as well and isn’t afraid to project his sound. He also has very solid sight reading skills,” Deanna Schockmann said.
Schockmann has been preparing for the All-State performance that is coming up.
He has also inspired and taught junior Madrigal student Julie Huckaby some very important lessons.
“He has inspired me to go above and beyond and step out of my comfort zone. He has helped me become the band and choir student I am today,” Huckaby said. “I have learned from him to do the things you’re most afraid of because in the end it will pay off.”
Schockmann’s future plans are to attend college and major in physics, he then plans to go to grad school to enter Planetary Sciences and Astronomy. He is unsure if he plans to do anything in college involving music, but does plan to continue music on his own at home by practicing his instruments.
All-State choir will be performing at the Missouri Music Educators Association conference Saturday, Jan. 29, at Tan-Tar-A Resort in Osage Beach.
“He’ll learn how to develop relationships with new people and have a choral experience that he may never have again,” Deanna Schockmann said.