New teachers and coaches join staff

Riley Karr, Staff Writer

This year ten new faculty members are working with the WHS students.These new teachers and coaches have come from all over to become part of the Warsaw staff.

Suzie Dudenhoeffer, FACS

New teacher Suzie Dudenhoeffer is the Prostart 1 and 2, and FACS teacher. Before Dudenhoeffer moved to Warsaw because of her attraction to the lake, she lived in Florissant, and worked at the Hazelwood East High School.

Dudenhoeffer attended college at Missouri State and UCM and did her student teaching at Truman High School in Independence. Dudenhoeffer grew up in Fortuna, MO and when she is not teaching she enjoys to go four-wheeling and camping.

She always wanted to be a teacher and has a personal teaching philosophy that all students can learn, some just learn differently. One of the main things that inspired Dudenhoeffer to become a teacher was how much she likes helping students learn in high school and the fact that she had many great teachers.

Alison Durst, English

Alison Durst is also new in Warsaw this year. Durst is a new English teacher. Durst attended college at Central Methodist University and did her student teaching in Glasgow. Durst grew up in Applewood City and Butler. Before becoming a teacher she worked as a baker while going to school.

Growing up, she had yellow labs and drove a ‘06 Monte Carlo. The reason that she was attracted to Warsaw was that it was close to home.

Her personal teaching philosophy is that not everyone can do everything, but you can do at least something. Dursts’ inspiration to become a teacher was an experience with her mom and the movie, Temple Grandin. When she is not in school Durst enjoys playing basketball and reading.

Paul Thomas, PE/Football

Head football coach Paul Thomas is also a new addition to the Warsaw staff this year. Thomas moved to Warsaw from Miami, MO.

Thomas attended college at Missouri Valley in Marshall, Missouri, but was originally from Hannibal.

Thomas always wanted to be a coach because of his high school coach and played football in high school and college.

Thomas thinks that coaching is a great profession and says that he has a relationship-based style of coaching.

Nathan Parker, History/Football

Nathan Parker is not an unfamiliar face in the Warsaw halls, but he is a new face to the teaching and football coaching staff. Parker is a new history teacher. Parker attended college at Central Methodist University. While in high school, Parker wrestled and played football in Warsaw. Parker always wanted to be a coach because he was the one that knew everyone’s position when he was playing. He could tell everyone what to do and where to go on different plays.

“All of my coaches told me that I would be a great coach one day and it went from there.”

Parkers’ personal thoughts on coaching are that it can be very stressful at times but it is also very rewarding.

“We are not just coaching these kids, but we are also teaching them good work ethic and responsibility.”

Before each game, Parker tries to make sure that everyone is prepared for each of their opportunities.Parkers outside of school hobbies include hunting, no matter what it is; he just enjoys early mornings in the quiet woods.

Derald Henderson, History/Football

New history teacher and football coach Derald Henderson moved to Warsaw from Urbana where he grew up and worked at Skyline school. Henderson attended college at Missouri State where he played baseball.

Henderson has always been interested in coaching. He thinks that athletics are a great opportunity to help students learn and grow.

“Coaching is an important part of high schools and that sports are a great opportunity to get to know students and push them to become the best player and person that they can be.”

In his spare time, Henderson likes being outdoors, watching sports and relaxing with family.

Kelsi Ricks, Cheerleading

New cheer coach, Kelsi Ricks, has taken her first teaching job in the Warsaw District as a fifth grade teacher at North Elementary. Before becoming a teacher, Ricks lived in her home town, Dixon, Illinois, seven hours away. Ricks earned her college degree from Southeast Missouri State.

Ricks always wanted to coach cheerleading. Her mother coached, so she is glad that she can follow in her footsteps. Ricks started her cheerleading career early by starting cheer when she was six years old. She continued her career by cheering through middle and high school and for one year in college.

Ricks personally likes sharing her ideas and knowledge of the sport with the squad. Some things that Ricks would like to see done before the football games are a banner for the team to run through each game and to perform “Fight and loyalty” with the band. When not working, Ricks enjoys boating and jet skiing.

David Hawks, Math/Wrestling

David Hawks came to Warsaw from Kansas City after attending college at Longview Community College and The University of Missouri in Kansas City. Hawks grew up in Nevada, Missouri.

Hawks is a new math teacher and is going to be on the coaching staff for the wrestling team this year.

When he is not at school, Hawks enjoys being outdoors and going hunting or fishing. Hawks described his coaching style as tough and caring. Something that Hawks is looking forward to this year is for wrestling season to start so that he can help kids reach their goals.

“I knew I always wanted to be a coach, but it wasn’t until four or five years ago that I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I had great teachers and coaches growing up that I am still close with that impacted my life in a positive way.”

Rikki Thompson, Cheerleading

Rikki Thompson is also new to the WHS cheer staff this year. Thompson is a kindergarten teacher at Ruth Mercer. Thompson came to Warsaw from Columbia where she worked at Chance Elementary School in Centralia, MO. Thompson went to college at the University of Missouri. Thompson grew  up in Clinton, MO and has always wanted to be a coach.

Thompson has danced since she was three years old and she continued to dance all throughout college.

“Once I became a teacher, coaching was the next step. I wanted to share my passion for dance and cheer with my squad and coach them to become better cheerleaders.”

Thompson was on the Clinton High School dance team and the Mizzou Ballroom Dance Team.

Thompson loves coaching and she enjoys sharing her passion for the sport that she loves. Before each game, Thompson said that she and Ricks give a pep talk and always try to encourage the girls to do their best.

Outside of school, Thompson enjoys to dance and read, her favorite movie is Despicable Me, and her first car was ‘98 Chevy Cavalier. One interesting fact about Thompson, is that she has a twin brother, who she says is an awful dancer.

Alex McFadden, Football

New assistant football coach, Alex McFadden, who is a middle school teacher, has always known that he wanted to do something sports-related because of his passion for sports. McFadden said during college he found that coaching was the best way to not only have a sports-related job, but to also give back to kids and influence them in a positive way.

McFadden moved to Warsaw from Marceline after attending college at Columbia College. McFadden grew up in Salisbury, where his first car was a Pontiac Grand Prix.

Before every game, McFadden says that he tries to eat something and get a nap in to clear his head, this is something that he has done since he, himself, was a player.

McFadden would explain his coaching style as positive and energetic and says that he enjoys being a coach, not only because of the challenges of X’s and O’s, but because of the bonds that are built with players and the family like atmosphere of a team.

Kensie Daleske, Softball

Kensie Daleske has gone from Marceline, her hometown, to Columbia where she attended Columbia College and finally has settled in Warsaw and become the new softball coach.

Daleske has always wanted to be a coach because she had great coaches and role models growing up.These people had a huge influence on Daleske and made her want to try to be as big of an impact on her players as her coaches were on her.

Daleske enjoys coaching and getting to see her athletes compete on the field. Challenging her players while setting an example for them to follow is something that Daleske strives to do.

Jonna Allen, Volleyball

Junior varsity volleyball coach Jonna Allen is familiar with Warsaw schools. Allen played volleyball for varsity coach Justine Howell when she was in high school. Allen is currently a senior at UCM. Throughout her college experience, Allen has lived in Springfield, Neosho, and Warrensburg.

Allen was not expecting to coach this year but she was very pleased when offered and she accepted. Allen says that she has loved coaching this year and is very thankful for the experience. Allen thinks that being a coach is very rewarding. Allen likes to focus on fundamentals and fine tune the skills that the girls learned in middle school.

“It’s really great to see the girls evolve throughout the season and find a position that they love. I have tried to create a dynamic of mutual respect with the girls and still be able to have a good time,” said Allen.

Before a game Allen likes to talk about the things that the girls learned in practice and the things that they are going to improve on in that particular game.For each game Allen sets a goal with the team and they strive to achieve it.

Allen feels that even though she is very competitive and loves to win that the girls respond to her well because she is a very approachable coach. Allen expects the girls to be serious about the work that they put into volleyball but she also enjoys to have fun with them.

When Allen is not coaching or working on her school work, she enjoys four wheeling with her family, this is something that she has done ever since she was a kid. Allen says that she and her family take several trips a year and she always has a blast.

“Just some words of wisdom.I’m always preaching to my girls to enjoy high school. Take it all in; the sports, activities, and friends. It flies by so fast and you can never get this time back. Don’t rush growing up. Rent, bills, work and 15-page research papers will be here before you know it. Make good choices and live a life you can be proud of,” said Allen.