Society taking wrong turn for women’s rights

The right to an abortion belongs to the voice of women. In our society today, women should have more rights to choose what happens to their bodies.
The Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade on Jan 22, 1973 gave women the right to receive abortions legally all across the country. Abortion is a sensitive and contentious issue with religious, moral, cultural, and political opinions. Several states, including Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Wisconsin, have introduced or passed new restrictions on abortion in 2021 with hope that the Supreme Court would consider to overturn its decision.
Making abortions illegal will not stop abortions, but will in fact introduce more dangerous abortions.
According to a May 19 Texas Tribune article by Shannon Najmabadi, Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law a measure that would prohibit in Texas abortions as early as six weeks; before some women know they are pregnant. “This opens the door for almost any private citizen to sue abortion providers and others up to $10,000,” says the Texas Tribune.
A federal judge temporarily blocked on Wednesday the near-total ban on abortion in Texas. “This Court will not sanction one more day of this offensive deprivation of such an important right,” U.S. District Court Judge Robert Pitman said in the ruling.
These new restrictions seem like a backslide for women’s rights and a woman’s control over her body.
Although it is a sensitive and emotional subject, it is a very real situation. Most people forget to think of the real-world situations when it comes to women’s decisions over the matter. Such laws can result in women having low income, interference with their education, not having the ability to work and being a single mother. Many of these laws don’t consider women’s health for risky pregnancies, rape, and incest as reasons for abortions.
No person should have the right over a woman’s body. When it comes down to male political voices, I do not believe their opinions should be more dominant. Although men should have a say in certain circumstances, if involved, the final decision belongs to women. In the long run, an abortion will have more effects on a woman than any other person. No man truly understands the emotional and bodily effects, no man has had to deal with this kind of pressure of society weighing heavily on them.
Although abortion can be seen from a different perspective as morally wrong, there are still many situations that affect a woman’s decision that society must consider.