People are right to be cautious with rushed vaccines

Is the COVID-19 vaccine worth it? The company leading the COVID vaccines, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, will sell you on the idea that it is; even though it is the most rushed vaccine in modern history. In their website, it states that, “…it may help prevent…” It may help prevent one of the three strains of this virus. The South Africa strain and UK strain are growing at an alarming rate, and there is no current vaccine for them like they have found for the Chinese strain.
There is a typical seven-step process that leads to approval of a new vaccine. The Food and Drug Administration plays a key role in a vaccine process. A company will send the years of research done throughout many different phases of testing to the FDA and from there will be registered as safe or not viable. At first, FDA in result only approved the COVID vaccine produced by Pfizer for emergency use.
I would not take a vaccine that no one knows the long term effects of, especially if I were a healthy person with no underlying health conditions, under the age of 70. The fact of the matter is, out of about seven billion people in this world, there have been only around 103 million cases reported and only 2.3 million deaths worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.
I’m not saying deaths are to be justified (because deaths from this virus are terrible), but to put things in perspective: car crashes kill roughly 1.3 million people, but you don’t find anyone shutting down highways or forcing the general population to use the safest car (verified by CDC).
It comes down to freedom of choice. Personally if there was no media fear mongering, I would have just assumed it was a “strong” flu season at worst. The CDC even reported, pre-COVID in 2017 there were 650,000 influenza related deaths worldwide. It is very odd that once COVID hit, only 65,000 deaths were reported for the 2019-2020 season from influenza.
Why is the government affecting your daily life for something that is similar to the typical flu? It started with a two week lock down. I supported an initial lock down to curb the virus because it was such a new and not well known virus. Instead of the lock down only curbing the virus, what ended up happening was an indefinite lock down of most of the world and the American economy.
No one shut down America to this degree when Swine Flu (otherwise known as, H1N1) sprouted out in 2009. H1N1 was an unknown, new virus there was no vaccine. When it infected about 65 million people and caused 12,000 deaths in a two year span, per CDC numbers.
Take this vaccine if you are over the age of 70, have underlying health problems, or are concerned for your own health. If you are not at risk, you have a 99.9 percent survival rate on your own. Don’t fall for the trap of the media’s fear mongering.