Powder Puff tradition slowly fades away

 Powderpuff football was a fundraising tradition that had become a regular occurrence in the past, but this tradition seems to be fading away. Powderpuff is a girls-only football game that has been used as a fundraiser for different organizations in the past. It’s a flag sport meaning not tackling or anything within those lines

   The last recorded Powderpuff game was in 2016. Since then, the games have all been cancelled..  According to high school secretary and booster club organizer Andrea Ferguson this year’s game was first scheduled for December 9, 2020, but was moved to February because of a girls basketball game. The organization has once-again canceled the event because it’s now too far into the winter season for a Powderpuff game. Twenty nine girls signed up to play this year but only three were seniors. The Booster club set up an annual can food drive to help with the girls payment and to benefit the high school/middle school Wildcat store.

   In the past, Powderpuff has been used as a fundraiser for organizations, such as FBLA. The players back then had to pay $5 to play and sell a lot of tickets, in order to play. The uniforms were just jerseys and shorts because girls were not allowed to tackle, so pads were not necessary. Art teacher Jennifer Greene played powder puff all four years of her high school experience. 

   “The hardest part of the game was trying not to tackle. We ended up tackling anyway,”

Greene said. Mrs.Greene was number 67. “I remember making memories with my friends. We would get together and decorate our sweatpants. It was also a lot of fun figuring out what jerseys you were going to wear. My Senior year I wore my best guy friend’s jersey, Harrison Campbell,” Greene said.