NHS adds new members, focuses on service

   Service, leadership, character and scholarship. Being part of the NHS means showing service, leadership, and good character skills. This year, they are looking for new ways to serve their community. 

    NHS has recognized Mental Health Week Nov. 17-20 to shed light on the things that many high school students suffer from. They hope to be a force in making sure people know we support them. NHS will have a trash pick up Friday, Nov. 20 at 1:00. 

   “I love to help spread kindness and make sure everyone feels involved,” junior Julie Long said. 

  Long, along with other new members, were inducted into the Warsaw NHS chapter at their ceremony

    “The society has a great group of members and I enjoy working with them. After all, they are the best of the best students,” NHS sponsor Jowell Roellig said

   There are 15 new members this year. Two seniors and 13 juniors. In total, there are 25 NHS members. 

  “It’s a lot of fun, we all work really hard for our reputations,” Long said, as it is her first year being a part of NHS.

      Students must have a 3.5 GPA in order to get an application for NHS their junior year. Once the GPA requirement is met and an application is completed, students then have to show their service, leadership and character requirements to a panel of five faculty members. Then they choose to accept or deny the application. 

    “NHS has shaped me into a more well-rounded and caring person. It has also taught me that anything is possible and you have to see change and then make it happen, you can’t always sit around expecting someone else to do it for you,” NHS president Lauren Kreisel said.