College-Bound seniors prepare to file for financial aid through FAFSA

 The free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) is officially open and seniors are arranging for their college funding.

   FAFSA is a form completed by senior students interested in attending college. The program allows students to receive help with financial aid. To be eligible for FAFSA you must be a citizen and be a student eligible in a program looking for a degree or certificate. If any students are not worried about financial aid for college remember FAFSA is required for a lot of colleges and universities. FAFSA qualifies students for federal grants, loans, or work study programs.

   There are few people who are able to help with FAFSA at Warsaw High School  because it is not run by the school but is a federal government program. Warsaw High School Counselor Tyler Richardson helps with the FAFSA application process. 

   “I am not an expert,  I can help but I would encourage students if they need help with this to talk to college experts,” Richardson said.

   There is no deadline for FAFSA although it is encouraged to take part in earlier rather than later on in the school year. Some colleges require FAFSA done by a certain date, students may also miss out on free state money. FAFSA is not required by Warsaw High School but is highly recommended if students are interested in attending college. Not many seniors know about FAFSA and many parents take care of it for their children. The application opened on Oct. 1.

   Senior Brooke Spry said “ I know nothing about FAFSA. I don’t even know what it is but I am doing it.” 

   On November 4 there will be a FAFSA frenzy in the Warsaw High School computer lab at 6:00pm. Richardson will be attending to help students.