School spirit reaches peak at 2014 Homecoming

Dracie Davidson, Staff Writer

Homecoming was very different this year with the point system and float day , but the spirits were still high as the students and faculty attended Homecoming events.

The new point system and the change of float day were the biggest changes this year.

Students both liked float day to miss class and build their class float to be in the Homecoming parade and the point system to show fairness and to see the teacher of their class get duct taped to a pole.

Spirit week winners were, Tourist Day Zach Long and Ashlyn Yoder, African Safari Day Thane Henderson and Claudia Schmitz, Mexico Day Dallas Larsen and Rickie Branson, USA Day Thane Henderson and Ashlyn Yoder, and Color War Day Albert Cormack and Ruby Dotson. The winners with the most spirit throughout the week were Thane Henderson and Ashlyn Yoder.

“Mexico Day is my favorite day because I got to wear a Mexican hat and a pink poncho like a beast,” sophomore Noah Long said.

“USA day was the best because I had a really awesome costume for it,” Sophomore Ashlyn Yoder said.

Juniors broke the senior tradition for having the most spirit during spirit week.The point system made it to where each class had a chance of winning.

The point system had different categories to win spirit week.

Because of the juniors winning; math teacher Brian Hrabe got duct taped to a pole.

“It was awesome winning because we broke tradition and its kinda cool to break tradition,” junior Jessica Jones said.

“I liked the point system, because it was more fair,”  sophomore Ashlee Kuykendall said.

“I liked the point system because it was based on who had the most school spirit and wasn’t one sided for once,” junior Jonathan Plybon said.

Student council set up memorable events for the students and faculty to attend during the Homecoming assembly. Some of the games played were candidate water balloon toss, candidate whipped cream game, and faculty football, and dancing game.

Although the football team didn’t win against Southern Boone at the Homecoming game,they still put up a good fight throughout the game with an ending score of 10-24.

“We played hard,” junior Devon Parish said.

Hopeful candidates put on their classy attire to brave the cold weather for the coronation at halftime of the game. The Homecoming royalties were queen Megan Brown, king Ryan Todd, princess Payton Adair, prince Thane Henderson.

“I was excited to win,” junior Payton Adair said.

After the game students attended the dance in the cafeteria, and enjoyed dancing with their fellow classmates.

“Everybody was tuning up and dancing together so I had a lot of fun,” sophomore Qauevon Robinson said.

Homecoming was a good way for students to show their school spirit this year as they enjoyed all of the festivities that came along with it.