NHS adds 16 new members

New NHS members take the oath during the induction ceremony on Oct. 8. Pictured are: senior Austin Yoder, senior Zach Long, junior Michael Kephart, junior Thane Henderson, senior Tyler Dority, senior Joey Cooner, and juniors Bridget Clarke, Rickie Branson and Payton Adair.

Maria Miranda , Staff Writer

The student body witnessed 16 new members joining The Warsaw National Honor Society, on Oct. 8.

“I was so proud of the amount of people who joined National Honor Society this year. I am looking forward to the projects we will be doing this year and how they will affect those around us.” said the president of the NHS Melissa Pierce.

The event started with five officers, Megan Brown, Randall Sherman, Jessica Kuykendall, Katie Wynn and the president Melissa Pierce lighting the candles on the stage. During the ceremony, candles were lit to highlight the core values of National Honor Society, and, a current member of the school’s chapter can read a definition of one of the values.

For the past 50 years, the Warsaw NHS induction ceremony had been held in the evening.

“I asked to move the ceremony to the school day so that the entire staff and student body could attend the ceremony as we recognized the students that have achieved this prestigious honor.” said Million. All teachers, all WHS students, the superintendent of the schools,five board members, as well as several parents and grandparents attended the ceremony.

For the students be accepted in the National Honor Society they need to be Juniors or Seniors with the required 3.30 cumulative GPA.

Applicants who were accepted were required to turn in a typed biography with a picture of themselves.Each new member was introduced by a teacher who inspired them.

“I chose to be introduced by Mr. Tittlemeier because he is someone that I trust in and I look forward to be like in later in life.” said Luke Spry.

Since the induction, the members have attended a meeting to organize service projects for the fall and winter. They have a lot of projects for this year.

“Our goal is raise money so that we can help a boy and girl out at Christmas by buying them some of the items they are wishing for this Christmas. We are also wanting to gather items to send to our soldiers. As a service project, the members picked up trash along Hwy 7 between the mile-long and Swinging Bridge,” said Million