Staff Editorial

Genuine kindness all too rare in high school

  Everyone in WHS loves to say they are kind and loving to everyone, however is that actually true? Deep down people aren’t being kind to see someone’s face light up, but rather to seek popularity and approval from others. 

   There are always exceptions to this idea though. Some students search for ways to be genuinely kind, such as the student who wrote an anonymous, heartfelt note for Mrs. Roellig. Acts of kindness like that are all too rare. Some acts of kindness are not genuine. It can be hard to determine if people are truly wanting to be genuine, and that needs to change. WHS needs to take a moment of introspection. 

   We need to stop and think, will these words encourage the other person, strengthen them, and make them better? If someone’s actions and words are looking for benefit of themselves, then they don’t have pure kind intentions. 

   Kids are continuing a bad trend of building friendship and comradery, through making fun of someone. Specifically, boys in our school love to make fun of sensitive subjects that greatly offend others, yet no one will ever stand up against them. Everyone doesn’t want to feel excluded from a group. Students need to hold themselves accountable and others accountable. I have personally seen how others in school appear to be a sweet, loving person, but around certain people they begin to transform into a rude, inconsiderate person. They judge others for their mistakes, things beyond their control, and personality. 

   Lets work toward having a school of students who are able to rely on each other. For example, simple acts of kindness can go a long way. Put a candy bar inside someone’s locker if he or she is having a bad week. If someone is gossiping about another, offer a kind word about the person instead. Open doors for others. Take someone’s tray up during lunch. Sit by someone new at lunch. Invite someone new to an activity, or write a kind note. But don’t do it for the recognition, do it to build a better community where everyone feels welcome.