Stop the criticism of teen technology use, bring on the support

  In modern day society almost everyone is on his or her phone, either for work, games, social media or to text and call people. This is especially evident in the younger generations and parents are concerned about the effects that technology has on us.

   Many members of older generations don’t understand because when they grew up communication was much different and so their teen years were much different.

  What they don’t understand is that it’s all about mobile communication nowadays. While our parents’ generation claims that we are on are phones too much, we simply reflect the values we see in our society, in our parents and in our peers. It is simply the day and age we are being brought up in. 

    Society has made it almost impossible to go a full day efficiently without electronics. Whether that being, work, school or just doing simple tasks, technology plays a key role in our lives and we would be much different without it. Some may argue that we may not be able to function without the help of auto correct, or fast-sending text messages. It is the world of communication that we live in. Social media alone is a major form of communication in today’s society and it is not going away. 

     We need support, not criticism, as we learn how to cope and use social media responsibly.

   I will admit, Generation Z sometimes overuses electronics by playing games, posting stuff on social media to get attention, or just not using their time wisely. Parents don’t like to see their  kids are on devices in the middle of dinner, or when couples go on a date and both of them are on it. But we need to recognize this, use these electronics that we have to our advantage and learn to use it responsibly. To have any relevance in the workforce, it is almost a necessity to have a strong online presence.

   I would rather have someone come up to me and steal everything I have than take my phone. Why is that? It’s because the world runs through your phone. Some may think that’s sad if they have grown up in a time where there were no cell phones needed, but this is our reality.