Schools should diversify curriculum to include LGBT history

When it comes to LGBT history and education, some teachers don’t like to talk about these subjects due to “stepping on toes” or causing an uproar. I think that these topics are extremely important and can be life changing. Without these resources and learning points, there can be children unaware of what some things truly are and can affect some people deeply in the future.
Teaching kids the about LGBT history and even sex ed can open their eyes and teach them things that their parents would never bring up. There are many kids who are still “in the closet” or are in unsupportive households who will never learn things that can be taught in school on their own.
I believe that if straight/cisgender students are given the proper education to relate to their sexuality, then why can’t kids of the LGBT community be taught things that relate to their sexuality? Schools strive for equality among their students and without this educational outlet, these goals will never be met. There are options such as LGBT-based clubs or classes that can make a great difference.
It is important that students are not separated by sexuality. LGBT-based education can open the eyes of “closeted” students or students that are against the community. Learning about the struggles that the LGBT community goes through can change the perspective of students and create an all around better environments for high schools around America. If a school or teacher doesn’t want to talk about these topics because they view it as controversial, then I believe that is not fair to students that need the structure and platform to be the best version of themselves that they can be.
Some people believe that if they don’t allow their child to hear about LGBT topics that their child will never learn about the possibilities and won’t be “exposed” to these tendencies, but hiding these things from children isn’t a choice anymore. Another reason people may be attempting to hide the LGBT community from their children is because of religious reasons but I believe that if you were to completely hide them from these things you would have to never allow them outside of the house. Students deserve to know everything possible and it’s not fair to filter history and education because you’re too “scared” that your child might like the same gender or not feel comfortable in their assigned gender.