Reading a Printed Book is Better than a Digital One

   People today read most of their books, magazines, newspapers, etc., digitally on a screen. They just do not know how much reading print helps them. “Screens cause you to learn less deeply, sleep worse, and remember less,” according to says printed books create connections to what you already know. When reading on a computer or phone screen it is easy to become distracted by notifications, unlike a book which does not have notifications. Even though reading on a screen is more convenient than going to a library and checking out a book, scientists recommend reading printed books. While reading a book you can get into it, but with a screen you might want to play a game or listen to music which will take you away from the text. 

   Devices may have a setting that gives the reader an option of listening rather than reading, which decreases the focus a reader has on a book. The light from screens can cause harm to your eyes. Long term exposure to the light from a screen, which is called blue light, may have a bad effect on your eyes. The sun creates blue light also, and looking at it can blind you. “Scientists think that looking at a screen all the time can cause damage to eyesight just like looking at the sun,” according to  Blue light boosts alertness and can improve a person’s mood, but it can make your brain overactive and make it hard to go to sleep. said a lot of people get computer vision syndrome, the symptoms are headache, fatigue, dry and strained eyes. Some people think that they read better and faster from a screen than a book, but when reading a book on a screen it causes you to skim the text and not read as deeply as you would reading a printed book. To fully learn you must read deeply which is hard to do when reading on a screen because of distractions.

   Reading a printed book rather than on a device screen can hurt how much you can learn from reading and hurt your eyesight. Screens cause computer vision syndrome which can become a problem if you get it a lot. In the end, reading a printed book is much better than reading from a device screen.