Scheduling Woes

Editorial Cartoon


Kathryn Ricke

High school counselor Tyler Richardson stands triumphant before a field of schedules.

Even for the staff, the beginning of the school year is chaotic. The school counselor usually gets a unique slice of chaos slapped onto his desk, and Tyler Richardson goes through the ringer on an annual basis.
Richardson says the first three days are “stressful.”
“Long hours,” Richardson remarks. “I think the first two weeks of school I probably put in twelve to fourteen-hour days; maybe a sixteen-hour day — pretty rough.”
During the first few days of school, a student could see Richardson out in the hallways, busy, in the library helping people with their schedules. The lines of students grow long outside his door.
Despite the stress and despite the endless duties, the school year always kicks off smoothly due to the diligence of our awesome counselor.
Thank you Mr. Richardson!