Young team works on fundamentals


Sophomore Kaitlyn Jones spikes the ball over the net as sophomores Sadie Friend and Mackenzie Weaver, juniors Taylor Goetz and Madison Lane, and senior Briar Collins cover.

Maria Miranda , Staff Writer

The volleyball team has a great deal of potential, even with just few victories. “For winning doesn’t always mean winning in the score. If the girls try hard and work on the little things, they’re winners.” Coach Justine Grace said.

The volleyball team has a young group of girls this year. Our JV team has 12 freshmen and two sophomores, and the Varsity team has only one senior. These teams are working really hard to improve themselves and come together as a team. The JV team won six games and the Varsity team has won one game.

“It’s awesome having 12 freshmen on the team and I expect the same thing in the next year. I expect the girls to stay on the team. Having only one senior doesn’t affect the team as much as having 12 freshmen,”  Said Grace.

This is the first year that Jonna Allen is working as the JV coach. “I expect these girls to continue playing their full potential and meet their individuals goals the we set for the team.”  Coach Jonna Allen said.

Brooke Jelinek has improved as she plays both JV and Varsity team.“I have to work hard on JV and ever harder on Varsity because I have to prove to them that I’m capable of doing it,” freshman Brooke Jelinek said.

According to Coach Grace this year the girls are working on serve receive, passes and doing the fundamentals  things right. Allen said that the JV girls are working hard to get into the speed of the volleyball on high school.

Senior Briar Collins looks forward to a good season This is her third year playing volleyball and her expectations for these season are  “I expect for us to work together as a team and to play with our best effort. As long as we play together and for each other we can do great things. We don’t have a tall team, so we have to play smart,” Collins said.