Face fears head on and have courage for your next step


Photo Editor Brenna Smith

In our lifetime, we will face many moments of fear, far more unspeakable than anything we have faced yet to date. But as a senior, my greatest fear has crept up on me in the blink of an eye. As I get closer and closer to graduation day, I can’t help but grow scared of the world that awaits me. Leaving parents, family, and friends is not something anyone ever wants to do, but something we all must face sooner or later. We can postpone moving on and hold on to our time here, but as others have done before us, it’s time to take a leap of faith, have a little courage, and step forward into the unknown.

Mark Twain, and many others before him and after him, have shown our country and world how to be courageous in times of fear. According to a biography on Mark Twain by cmgww.com, Twain had to leave his home after his father died at the age of 13. Just like so many before and after him, Twain had to face fear and anger to grow courageous.

As important as it to be courageous and not let fear control our lives, fear is not to be avoided or shunned. Fear is the emotion that kick starts a spiral of others. It can bring out the best and worst in us. Some use fear as an anchor and let it control them, while others use fear as a weapon to control others. Then, there are those who use it as a tool to overcome their obstacles and to challenge themselves. Being afraid does not make you a coward but lets you know just how far, and how much our bodies can take.

Without fear, we cannot have courage, and without courage, our world would not be where we are today. As my time at home is coming to a close I remember all of my good and bad times. As scared as I am, I know the fear that I am struggling with now will prepare me for my future and help me to look past all of the negative thoughts I’m facing. I know now my fears look bigger than life, but having courage through times like this – that so many people face – I will be able to overcome anything in my future.