It Wasn’t A Joke, But It Wasn’t A Dream

How I survived high school years


I remember freshman year like it was yesterday. That first day dragged on forever and I remember staring at the seniors like they were gods and we were wanting a taste of what it felt like to be in charge. I remember the 2016 class president, Austin McCall, giving a speech and hyping everyone up for the next year of high school.

It was not what I was expecting, but, then again, I don’t really know what I thought it was going to be like. I guess I thought it would feel like independence and adulthood all wrapped into one. As a freshman, none of that is the case. You are at the bottom of the food chain and, unless you are amazing at sports or can prove to the upperclassmen that you are cool enough to hang with them, you don’t bother talking to anyone who is on the senior bench. As a freshman, and even as a senior, my least favorite comment from anyone is, “I hate the freshmen.” I have been told that at least three times a day every day since walking through the front door four years ago. But, once I was able to realize my faults and that, as a freshman I was annoying, I devised a battle plan for the next four years of life, because I wanted to survive, and get to where I am now.

Step 1: Get Involved. Yes this is the most overused saying to any student, but for me it was vital for my success in high school. By being involved in extra activities I was able to make connections with teachers and stay up-to-date on what was going on in the school. While getting involved, I was able to find my passion for writing through journalism which gave me the confidence I needed to ask questions and focus on important issues. A balance is always needed though, don’t overwhelm yourself with 15 different activities. I learned this the hard way and, after my sophomore year, I started to cut out some activities that I was not completely passionate about.

Step 2: Don’t Procrastinate. I was always able to say that I never procrastinated throughout high school. I was always on top of everything and had free time for other things. As a senior that is not the case, and I now see how important it was for me to always do things ahead of the game. It made me more organized and less stressed at the end of the week, it also kept me motivated for the weeks ahead and interested in my classes.

Step 3: Stay Focused. This was always the hardest thing for me to do, but overall the most important. Staying focused on the end goal was motivating enough but at times all I wanted to do was forget about the stress of high school. By staying focused I was able to keep myself out of trouble and keep organized.

Step 4: Graduate. As my last year of high school has quickly come to an end, my final step was to graduate. However long it has taken me to get here, I have struggled these last couple months on being too involved, not procrastinating, and staying focused. But with very little time left its all I can do to keep from screaming from the rooftops as my time here comes to a fast, but exciting end.
For everything I have learned, and not learned, I am grateful for the time that I have spent at Warsaw making the most out of what I was given.