Blood drive hosts 82 donors

The student council blood drive provided some students with an opportunity to help save lives and, for many donors, to experience the donation process for the first time on March 12.

  Student council helped by watching over everyone and making sure there were refreshments and snacks for those who had just donated.

  “We help set it up and made sure there were plenty of drinks and snacks at the table, and we made sure no one passed out,” senior Jacob Luebbert said.

  Students from the high school, the teachers, and people from all around town came to donate. In total, there were 82 donors and 76 units of blood donated.

  Donors had to be sixteen years or older, and had to be eligible to donate. For many, their first donation went smoothly.

“Everything mostly went smoothly but they couldn’t get the needle in my arm. Although, I felt pretty much fine afterward. Ten out of Ten would recommend, and would do it again,”sophomore Gabby Porter said.

  Others had more of a learning experience.

“The needle was chill. My body just didn’t agree with the loss of blood so quickly. (Donating), along with the lack of sleep, and probably not eating the correct things before hand, finally caused me to pass out,”sophomore Rheanna Coke said. “If I would have been more responsible, then maybe this wouldn’t have happened.”

  Others, reluctantly, had to forego the opportunity to give blood on March 12.

 “I had baseball practice later that day and if I would have donated then I wouldn’t have been able to practice. If I wouldn’t have been at practice, then I would have been able to play in the game the next day, but I do support the blood drive,” Riley Bagley said.

  The units of blood that were collected were a little lower compared to previous years. Although, it’s still a success because every unit of blood that is donated can save at least one life. Therefore no matter how low or how high the units of blood are it’s still a success.