Video games do not make people more violent


Video games do not create violent people. The video game does not have the ability to mentally change a human being, whether it be an adult or a child.

  According to an article from the University of York Department of Computer Science, “No evidence to support link between violent video games and behaviour,” researchers from The University of York studied a group of 3,000 people with videos games and the team showed that video game concepts did not make players behave in certain ways after they put the controller down, including increased aggression.

  The concept of violent video games causing people to act in a disrespectful manner is called ‘priming.’ Dr David Zendle from the University of York’s Computer Science department said “If players are primed through immersing themselves in the concepts of the game, they should be able to categorise the objects associated with this game more quickly in the real world once the game has concluded,” Zendle said.  “Across the two games we didn’t find this to be the case. Participants who played a car-themed game were no quicker at categorising vehicle images, and indeed in some cases their reaction time was significantly slower.”

  Video games don’t affect people’s mental stability and the way that the brain works. For me, video games have always been a thing to just kind of relax and chill to. It doesn’t make me feel anger towards others and it doesn’t make me want to cause physical harm to others.