Sophomore excels in unique sport


Joshua Simpson

Sophomore Bradley Brown rears his arm back, preparing to drive a disc across the football field. Brown’s drive is an extremely powerful throw that brings him success with his games, and is renowned by people that have seen it.

   Sophomore Bradley Brown has completely immersed himself in the sport of Disc Golf. He goes to tournaments, he’s been sponsored by a name brand disc golf company, and he plays and practices almost daily.

   Brown routinely is asked about Disc Golf, the inquirer usually saying something along the lines of ‘what is that’?.  

   In Brown’s own words, “Disc golf is basically golf with modified frisbees.” That means there are pars, there are courses and there are holes. All of the standard golf stuff, but it’s been altered into a different form.

  Brown found the sport through his youth pastor at church.

 “He took us down to [a course] just to mess around and play. I kinda just got hooked.”

  Since that initial moment of exposure, disc golf began to permeate throughout Brown’s life.

  He’s sponsored by a name brand Disc Golf company, Discmania. He attends tournaments and travels around the country to go to them. He placed ninth in Junior Worlds in July, an international tournament that was held in Emporia, Kansas. Brown said the tournament was a tier below a professional world tournament.

  “The biggest accomplishment was getting sponsored. It was one of my biggest goals. I’m glad it was one of the companies I followed. I threw Discmania, I loved them before I got sponsored,” Brown said, “which was cool because I didn’t have to change my bag. I already had all Discmania discs.”

  Being sponsored by Discmania means that Brown is on a Discmania team. Under the ‘Team’ tab on the Discmania site, you’ll find ‘Bradley Brown’ directly underneath the ‘Junior Team’ heading.

  Brown says that Discmania is like the Adidas of the disc golf world.

  Science teacher Daniel Waller has played with Brown several times.

  “You can tell he plays a lot,” he said.

  Waller proceeded to elaborate on a motion in disc golf called ‘driving’. It’s the throwing of the disc, and Brown has a powerful one.

   Brown says that he learns a lot from a personal hero of his, professional disc golfer Simon Lizotte. A method of learning that Brown uses is through the internet. He’ll view videos of Simon Lizotte and other professionals performing at half speed, and emulate what he sees.

 Avery Jenkins is one of these professionals, and someone the Brown has worked with. Jenkins is also a former World Champion. He is part of Discmania’s tour team

  “Bradley Brown is a phenomenal player that attended our Discmania Combine Event in Kansas City last summer and qualified for Team Discmania with stellar performance,” Jenkins said. “I’m impressed with his overall skill as a player but I was even more encouraged by his personality as an individual.”

  Jenkins says that Brown is an excellent player that exceeds in several physical playing areas, but maintains that passion, dedication and practice are what will really take Brown far in this sport.

  Brown plans to do disc golf for his entire life.

  “I want to travel, and do this for as long as I can,” Brown said.